About Core Metrics

Personalized consulting services are offered in five areas, all with a focus on energy efficiency and demand-side management (DSM) at the state and regional level:

  • Power plan research and development
  • Power plan reviews
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Energy-economic modeling and interpreting model results
  • Research on energy markets and carbon emissions trading

Power Plan Reviews

  • Express essential concepts in simple English to promote transparency
  • Reduce jargon that prevents energy consumers from understanding energy efficiency's role in the plan
  • Identify overlooked opportunities to pursue demand-side energy efficiency
  • Identify biases and barriers that block efficiency
  • Highlight consumer, economic and environmental benefits and costs

Energy-Economic Modeling and Interpretation of Results

  • Use models for insight into climate policy choices (CPP) and many complementary policies
  • Based on experience with diverse modeling techniques: simulation, econometrics, optimization, time-series methods and relevant caveats
  • Project energy sector impacts (loads, rates, total costs,… )
  • Project net employment gains and broader economic impacts
  • Use existing models, tools and data for your service territory
  • Identify improvements to current models and methods
  • Meet requirements for evaluation, measurement & verification (EM&V)
  • Flexible support to meet client needs

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

  • Provides a framework for measuring costs and benefits
  • Builds on life cycle cost concepts
  • Covers standard cost-effectiveness tests, their objectives and interpretation
  • Raises understanding of key drivers of cost-effectiveness
  • Assures compliance with state regulatory requirements
  • Can promote clean energy through non-energy benefits

Power Plan Research and Development

  • Screening analysis for compliance pathways and demand-side choices
  • Experienced in integrated resource planning (IRP) with focus on least-cost energy
  • Analyze resource portfolios / different generation mixes
  • Investment research to promote clean energy solutions
  • Teamwork and collaboration with other specialists are essential to success.

Other Research on Energy Markets and Emissions Trading

  • Over 12 years experience in energy markets, energy efficiency planning
  • Additional experience in research and trading of commodity futures, forwards and options
  • Topics of interest to stakeholders may include


    • Interactions between existing markets and emissions trading

    • Liquidity in secondary markets

    • Compliance periods and timing considerations

    • Trading feasibility and evaluation of strategies


The U.S. wastes far more energy than we consume. (compare light grey vs. dark grey).

The U.S. wastes far more energy than it uses.
(compare light grey versus dark grey)